Persuasive Essay On Electronic Cigarettes

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Electronic cigarettes were first introduced into the tobacco market in 2003. However, in the last few years, electronic cigarettes have been trending, especially among high school students. According to the Surgeon General study, “In 2015, 1 in 6 high school students reported using e-cigarettes in the last month”. The promotion and production of electronic cigarettes is an issue that must be addressed because they are attracting minors who may have never been addicted to nicotine prior to the introduction of e-cigarettes in the market. Companies have branded e-cigarettes as a ‘safer’ alternative to regular cigarettes, however, it is quite possible that consumers, more specifically the youth, are not well informed of the ingredients in them. The chemicals found in the liquids and metals of these products may actually be worse for your health than other tobacco products: “The aerosol created by e-cigarettes can contain ingredients that …show more content…

If users were well-informed of the ingredients inside an e-cigarette then perhaps it would decrease the popularity among high school students. The production and promotion of e-cigarettes should be illegal and banned. The tremendous increase in the number of nicotine users is not only shocking but terrifying as it has attracted a surplus amount of teens, "E-cigarette use among U.S. youth and young adults is now a major public health concern. E-cigarette use has increased considerably in recent years, growing an astounding 900% among high school students from 2011 to 2015.” (Surgeon General) Electronic cigarettes have raised red flags in other countries as well. Brazil, Singapore, Seychelles, and Uruguay have already banned e-cigarettes and the majority of U.S. states have implemented regulations on them such as no smoking indoor or on

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