Is The E-Cigarette Bubble About To Burst?

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Advertisements can promote the usage of electronic cigarettes for minors by using celebrities to persuade addiction as well. Promotion was in shows like The View and The Late Show with David Letterman (celebrities are usually seen as role models for the youth, and sometimes even adults). This role modeling may tempt minors to try e-cigarettes. (Jaime Joyce, "Is the E-Cigarette Bubble About to Burst?"). Another article has a paragraph that has a similar meaning was written by Rachel Grana. “By 2013, the major multinational tobacco companies had entered the e-cigarette market. E-cigarettes are marketed via television, the Internet, and print advertisements (that often feature celebrities)” (Rachel Grana, “Contemporary Reviews in Cardiovascular Medicine”). …show more content…

There is also a picture of a rich woman in the article "Is the E-Cigarette Bubble About to Burst?" depicts that all wealthy people have the potential to be healthier than the poor, because she is holding an e-cigarette in her hand, which is considered a healthy alternative. She encourages e-cigarette smoking with the words at the left of the picture, which say “I hate the smell of cigarettes” ("Is the E-Cigarette Bubble About to Burst?). This claims that all people who hate cigarettes but wish to relieve their stress “need” to inhale the relaxing fumes. This explains why the color blue is surrounding the female’s head; the color blue is used in advertisements like this since blue naturally calms emotions, making the viewer focus on the product (“Color Wheel Pro - See Color Theory in

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