Argumentative Essay On Electronic Cigarettes

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Have you ever noticed the increasing number of users of the electronic cigarettes? Electronic cigarettes (EC) use double every day. During my senior year in high school, I remember when the EC first came out into the market. I watched everyone trying it for the first time, both smokers and non-smokers. Some people thought that this was a safer way to smoke while others thought it was a great way for them quit smoking. The next day at school I saw teens, who had never smoked in their life, talking about it, and they wanted to try it. I knew that there was something wrong with electronic cigarettes, because everyone was ignoring its possible dangerous effects. When lunch time came, my friends and I were talking about the dangers associated with…show more content…
I found that electronic cigarettes contains more chemicals than the normal cigarettes. I also found that these chemicals cause lung damage. Some other chemicals in the flavors in EC can be turned to addiction which is the same as the normal cigarettes which doesn’t make it any better. The EC started to affect people 's life and my friend was one of them. What happen encouraged me to start my research again and see what does EC contains to harm people 's…show more content…
It is time now to collect all the information I found and try to get more information and send to my close ones. Finally I gathered all the information I found and I showed to my uncle, and he was surprised about what I found. He decided to stop smoking. Also I didn’t forget about my best friend who lives in the United States. I sent him a copy of what I found. As soon as he read everything I found out he decided to quit smoking. He decided help other people that was tricked under the good cover of EC. Tell them his own experience with it. Everyone now that I care about decided to quit EC. I am sure if other people understood the danger of smoking EC and it could cost it them their lives I am sure they will quit too. I feel comfortable now that none of my close friend or relatives smoke EC. That was my goal and I

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