E-Cigarettes Research Paper

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Mosts if not all e-cigarettes work the same way. On the inside theres a heatng lemnet, battery and a cartirdge which holds nicotineas and other liiquids that provide flavoring. By providing the user with nictine, it elimnates cigareette smoke and provide the user with vapor instead. Back April of this year, Maine lawmakers proclaimed that they were considering htee possiblily of including e-cigarretes to the state's no smaking law for bars, parks, estuarants and other publicareas. This occuresed as a result of the bill (LD 1108) that Rep. Jeff McCabe, introduced back in march of this year. The bill essnetialy proclaimed that vpaing should be banned from all places from which cigarettes are baned. When he introduced the bill, he cited several studies that proclaimed that nictonie vaper contains harmful chmeical compounds. However, the valudity of his claims are unfoduned. Because resreahc suggest that the utilziation of e-cigarettes elimnates cigarette smoke. Nonetheless as of October 15, e-cigarette users will no longert be able to utilzie e-cigarettes in the same placess where regular cigarettes are prohbited in Maine. …show more content…

Jeff McCabe proclaimed that he introduced the bill as a matter of "public health." He also proclaimed that by restrciting the use of electronic cigarettes, it would prevemt children and senior citinzes from beng expeosed to smoke and vapor. However, many experts beleive that this is one of the most controversial laws that have been passed in the entire history of

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