Persuasive Essay On Teen Vaping

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E-cigarettes were originally created as an alternative to smoking. America has dealt with tobacco addiction for decades before the tobacco industry’s eventual decline. However, there is a new issue that has become increasingly common recently. Teen vaping is a serious issue that should be addressed immediately. Since its creation in 2007, e-cigarettes have only grown in popularity, especially with teenagers. All over America, teens in high school and even middle school can be found vaping. Teens are far more likely to vape as they feel pressure to fit in and be cool. Therefore, teen vaping is a problem because it can lead to future health problems, the e-cigarette industry is not fully regulated, and it can lead to nicotine addiction. Vaping as an adolescent can lead to health issues in the future. E-cigarette liquid still contains the chemical nicotine. “Nicotine has known damaging effects: It’s addictive, toxic to developing fetuses and can harm brain development in children and young adults up to the age of 20” (Spector). This shows that when students introduce nicotine into their bodies at such a young age they can cause irreversible damage to their bodies that will hold them back from living a completely healthy life. “Propylene glycol, a chemical found in e-liquids, can irritate the eyes and airways... Early studies have also revealed that when propylene glycol or glycerin are heated and vaporized, they can degrade into formaldehyde and acetaldehyde... Both of these

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