Nicotine Replacement Therapy Research Paper

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Most if not all e-cigarettes work the same way. On the inside there is a heating element, battery and a cartridge which holds nicotine as and other liquids that provide flavoring. By providing the user with nicotine, it eliminates cigarette smoke and provide the user with vapor instead. Many health expertss believe that e-cigarretes can prove to be especially beneficial to smokers and non smokers alike, due to the fact that it elimnates the need to utilzie tobbacoo which contains a hosyt of carcinogens which can cause cancers. However, despite this on October 15, 2015 Maine banned e-cigareetes from being utilzied in public spaces such as resturants, parks and other public areas. Expert beleibve that thiss will have a ripple effect across the entire country due to the fact that Maine iis the second state to restrict the use of …show more content…

During this type of therapy indvauls utilzie a product that provides their body with nicotine which help to kill the cravings that are asociated with tobbaco. Typically these products come in the form of gum and patches. However, resreach suggest that e-cigarretes are one of the most effecctive means of nicotine rpelacement therapy. Promotes a Healthier lifestyle Another benefit they have to ffer is the fact that it can help to promote the concept of exersccing to smokers. The reason being is that most tobbaco smokers beleve that the idea of eexerciinsng is pointless due to the fact that smoking in itself is unhealthy. As such, many smokers end up iin a never-ending cycle of obesity, depression and several other health issues. But by utilzng e-cigarettes it can help to get them out of that frame of mind so that they can make more concisou desicison about remanng

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