Electronic Cigarette Journal Analysis

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Andy Tan is one three authors of this journal. He works for Harvard University School of Health and has been featured around the world for his research in public health. The finished work was then published to Elsevier. Elsevier is a world leading provider in information for healthcare providers. This journal is very famous and prestigious. They provide information on new technologies, medications, and patient care. This article is about the study done based on what US adults believed about electronic cigarettes. Then they compared the beliefs between electronic cigarette uses and non-users. The researchers found that 1 in 3 people believed that electronic cigarettes helped smokers wait and are less harmful than smoking traditional cigarettes.…show more content…
It also is helping me get a better understanding of what most US adults believe to be true about electronic cigarettes. This will be important to know when I comparing the good to the bad of electronic cigarettes. For future projects, I will come back to this source when I need to get opinions. I can use the opinions to provide support to either side of my arguments. I will continue to use this source for many of my upcoming research projects. This journal is similar to other sources I have read because it talks about the benefits of using electronic cigarettes. It was also different than the other sources because it talks about how a person can become addicted to tobacco especially if the person is
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