Smoking Informative Speech

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Smoking has been a long time habit round the world. However, in the past, smoking cigarette was very popular and known to be a cool recreational drug, and was widely accepted by the community across the world. Today smoking has been less widely accepted and more restricted because of the many health risks that are linked to smoking cigarette. These days, people are well educated and more knowledgeable about the health risks of smoking. Therefore, smoking popularity has been in sharp a decline in the past decade. Smoking cigarette is more than just an addiction; it is one of highest cause of death in the world than any other causes. First, let me talk a little about the history of tobacco smoking. Smoking tobacco was known all the …show more content…

Smoking causes close to 40% of cancer death in the US. Each year, cigarettes kill about 500,000 deaths in the US and about 6 million deaths around the world. Cigarettes are the reason for most of the deaths in our society today that is not a death by a natural cause. Even though smoking has been in a sharp decline in the past decade, there are still around 40 million of people in the US that still smoke cigarettes. This high number really concerns many doctors and …show more content…

Every cigarette that you smoke can make you lose around 13.8 minutes of your life. For each pack of cigarette, you can lose around 4.6 hours of your life from smoking it. The average age of daily smokers is around 17.8 and the average death age of smoker is around 68.7. The average amount of years of the usage of cigarettes is 50.9. Smoking is actually very expensive but many of us may not realize or pay attention to. Here are some numbers on the cost of smoking. The average pack of cigarette these days cost around $7.00 a pack and if you smoke one pack a day, the average cost in 10-year period will cost you around

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