Cigarette Smoking In Nevada

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Smoking tobacco is a huge problem in not only Nevada but all states, and is one of the leading preventable causes of death in the U.S. Cigarette smoking not only affects the lungs as most people would expect, but it harms every organ in a person’s body. Smoking immensely reduces a person’s health and can cause various diseases. In the United States, the risk of dying from smoking tobacco has dramatically increased in the last 50 years. The list of health risks that people can acquire when they decide to start smoking is incredibly long, and includes illnesses such as heart disease and lung cancer. A shocking fact about smoking tobacco is that if nobody were to smoke in the United States, one of every three cancer deaths would not happen. It …show more content…

The amount of people between the age of 18-34 that were smokers was 19.8%. The non-smokers in that same age group was around 80.2%. Between the age of 55 and up the percent of smokers decreased to 14.2%, and the non smokers were at 85.6%. When it came to gender, 20.2% males said they smoked while 13.7% females were smokers. The percentage of smokers in Nevada when it came to race was quite different varying from each ethnicity. 17.2% of Caucasians were smokers while 24.6% of African Americans were smokers. With 15.8% of Hispanics smoking and 14.7% smokers in Nevada coming from other ethnicities. The income of the residents also had an impact on the percent of tobacco users in the state. The most surprising information when it came to a person’s income was that people that earned less than $15,000 were 31.3% smokers, while the people that earned more than $50,000 had dramatically dropped to roughly 10.2% of tobacco users. Also, education had key features showing dramatic changes in percentages when it came to the amount of education people had. People that had less than a high school diploma were 23.2% smokers, while people that were college graduates had around 8.2%

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