Healthy People 2020 Paper

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Healthy People 2020
The purpose of this paper is to talk about the health of my community. Throughout the paper, I will state long-term and short-term goals for two nursing diagnoses related to cardiovascular disease and lung cancer, as well as nursing interventions in an attempt to help improve the outcomes of cardiovascular disease and lung cancer in my community. Furthermore, I will talk about goals of Healthy People 2020. The summary of the above-mentioned diagnoses will conclude this paper.
Health Problem number one
Increased risk of cardiovascular disease among the population in Cuyahoga Count related to hypertension, high cholesterol, obesity, physical inactivity, smoking, and unhealthy diet as evidenced by high mortality rate.
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An overall goal of Healthy People is to enhance the health of all population, predicted reduction for lung cancer from 2007 to 2020 is 10% (Cuyahoga County Board of Health, 2016). According to Center for Disease and Prevention (CDC) (2016), the Healthy People 2020 focuses on three main points when it comes to tobacco use. The first main area that Healthy People 2020 is focusing on when it comes to tobacco use is implementing policies to decrease the tobacco use, especially in younger generations (CDC, 2016). The second area of focus is on health system changes by increasing accessibility, affordability to smoking cessation treatments and resources (CDC, 2016). The third focus is on implementing policies to make tobacco less affordable, to limit publicizing, and to inhibit sales to underage population (CDC, …show more content…

Some of the early signs and symptoms of lung cancer are a persistent cough, shortness of breath, bloody sputum, loss of appetite, and unintentional weight loss. Recognizing these signs and symptoms gives a better chance for diagnosing lung cancer at an early stage when the treatment is more effective than in later stages (Ohio Department of Health, 2010). Sometimes it is harder to recognize the sign and symptoms in smokers than non-smokers due to already having chronic coughing or hoarseness due to smoking. Having regular follow-up with a physician may help to diagnose the lung disease or lung cancer at an early

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