Argumentative Essay On Why Tobacco Should Be Banned

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Argumentative Essay: Should Tobacco Be Banned? Name Instructor Institution Course Date Should Tobacco Be Banned According to the existing statistics, the greatest proportion of the world’s population does not smoke tobacco. As noted in the United States of America, only one out of four adults smoke. In Kenya, it is estimated that one of every five teenagers smoke. It has also been established that that most people start smoking at the age between 12 and 14, in addition to the fact that 1,200 tobacco smokers die every from smoking (Eaton, 2003). This translates to about 1,4389,00 deaths every year. This is a great number of preventable deaths every year. Despite being of great economic importance, tobacco has brought about much more harm than good. In fact, those who smoke have their life span shortened by about approximately. However, the government must ban tobacco smoking in order to prevent smokers from lethal diseases, protect nonsmokers as well as saving the environment. The most obvious reason as to why tobacco should be …show more content…

It affects the health of the human beings and also the environment. Despite having all these negative effects, tobacco is of great economic importance as it creates employment for the citizens. The negative effects of tobacco smoking supersede its positive contributions. Therefore, tobacco smoking should be banned. . References Eaton, L. (2003). United Kingdom finally bans tobacco advertising. BMJ, 326 (7385), 345-351. Harper, T. (2006). Why the tobacco industry fears point of sale display bans. Tobacco Control, 15 (3), 270-275. Simpson, D. (2002). India: states ban oral tobacco. Tobacco Control, 11(4), 291-291. Szilagyi, T. (2002). Hungary introduces a total ban on tobacco advertising. Tobacco Control, 11(1), 79-81. Watson, R. (2000). The legality of the European ban on tobacco advertising questioned. BMJ, 320(7251),

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