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The medical world in the present day is much more advanced than it was just a few years ago. There are new medical breakthroughs as well as new diseases discovered every day. But, what we all have known for years is the tobacco is not good for the body and causes cancer. According to, lung cancer is the leading cause of death by cancer in the United States and about 71 percent of Americans who have been diagnosed with lung cancer die from their cancer. (Tobacco-related cancers fact sheet. 2014.) There are many reasons why California wants to try and remove tobacco products from their state by creating obstacles and new laws, the main reason being that it is not good for the body. California and other cities and states efforts to eliminate the usage of cigarettes and other tobacco products will improve the health of the people, lessen the number of young people from starting smoking, and the environment will be improved. As medicine develops year after year …show more content…

Most people who smoke say they started young, so putting an age restriction, having a more smoke-free environment, and raising taxes on cigarettes will prevent young people from being able to get their hands on tobacco products or wanting to. With less tobacco use in the world, more people will be healthier and life expectancy will rise, not only because they will not be putting dangerous chemicals in their bodies, but the pollution caused by cigarettes will decrease. It would be nice to see less littered cities and states and have more clean air to breathe. Overall, the country and the world will be happier and healthier. This will improve the lives of the people, though not everyone will always comply, but according to data in previous paragraphs if we try and make an effort tobacco can eventually become a thing of the

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