Persuasive Speech On Smoking

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Dont Smoke For Our Sake For many years smoking cigarettes has been legal to smoke in public places. Would you allow this to continue even knowing the harm and dangers it can bring people who smoke and even people who don 't? Imagine being in a nice family friendly park on a sunny, summer day. There is grey disgusting cancerous smoke through the air you and your loved ones breathe. I believe that smoking cigarettes in public places should be illegal for many reasons such as the health and safety dangers of others and even myself. Firstly those who believe that smoking should be banned say that cigarettes can affect smokers deeply in the long run. “Over 50,000 studies of the health effects of tobacco in dozens of countries have detailed its dangers. Worldwide, tobacco use causes about 90% of lung cancer deaths, 30% of all cancers, 20-25% of coronary heart diseases and stroke deaths, and more than 80% of chronic bronchitis and emphysema”. (Jordan 1). Secondly not only does it affect smokers but even people who don 't even partake in the activity of smoking cigarettes. Second hand smoke is a serious issue and can cause cancer almost easy as being an actual smoker can. Stanford University had released a study that shows that secondhand smoke exposure levels are very close to the amount of cancerous smoke active smokers are affected by. According to a 1997 California EPA Report on Secondhand Smoke 53,800 people die every year from secondhand smoke exposure. This number is

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