Persuasive Speech Against Marijuana

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Good morning, I just wanted to let you know that I was very upset and offended last night. I have tried to keep up with what is going on from my friends and the news since I have moved to Morehead City. While reading your article last night I found your conclusion in your news update about Ben ostentatious and heartless. Just to freshen your memory this was your conclusion to the article: Marijuana plants were found growing inside the home the couple shared at 700 Bracken Fern Road, the arrest warrant indicates. Rushing was booked Friday into the New Hanover County at 9:14 p.m. on charges felony possession of marijuana, manufacture of marijuana and maintaining a dwelling for controlled substances. She posted a $25,000 bail and was released at 9:52 p.m. It was not immediately known if a date has been set for the …show more content…

You seem to lack respect for her, and courtesy for their families-who both are at loss right now. At the very least it could have been it's own separate article if you feel it needs to be out there. I no longer appreciate your writing because of your poor choice to include this in an article about him, AND your decision to wrap up the entire article on that note....really!? What were you thinking? You are supposed to unbiased in this situation, and report objectively and when you weave in (well you actually didn't even weave it in) the fact that she was charged and had illegal drugs, you are now now creating a scenario for some of your readers to now judge her, her fiance and the situation...whether you intended to or not, you've already forced some of your readers into a judgement zone. I cannot tell you how disappointing this was to read. I hope you reconsider in your future writing how you report, what can be omitted, and what should be reported on

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