Officer Perez's Response To A Disappearance At 11 Langton

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Officer Perez reports being dispatched to a disturbance at 11 Langton. Perez arrived on scene and met with Ann Mcelroy that stated she lost her phone and found that 2 kids had possession of the phone and was able to get the phone returned to her. Mcelroy stated she wanted to make a report of her phones information had been erased and was concerned of any personal information that was possibly had been taking prior to her getting her phone back. Perez had Mcelroy complete a witness statement form. According to the statement form at 5:00 PM is when Mcelroy noticed her phone was missing. Mcelroy stated that her son called the phone in attempt to locate the phone, but kept going to voicemail. Mcelroy stated she had laid her phone down on the back of her son's truck. Mcelroy stated that her phone fell off the truck when her and her son left earlier that day. Mcelroy stated when she returned home she walked up the street to talk to children that were outside. Mcelroy stated she asked the children seen her phone. Mcelroy stated that one of the children stated no. Mcelroy stated she went 2 houses down to 3 Langton and asked 2 boys if they had found a cell phone. Mcelroy stated stated that the 2 boys said yes and led Mcelroy to a tree stump at 7 Langton. Mcelroy stated that the first child stated they found it and they took the phone inside the house to charge it. Mcelroy took her phone home and found that her phone had been placed on factory reset because all the …show more content…

Pauda stated that his son found the phone and had brought it in the house to charge it. Pauda stated that her daughter was going to post the phone on the Goddard Facebook page. Pauda said that his children did not do anything to her phone but stated he understands Mcelroy's frustration. Perez got Pauda's information for documentation and left the area without further

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