Essay On Procedural Justice

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Definition and Description of Procedural Justice Procedural justice is the act involved in decision making. It incorporates the process of involving transparency and fairness in making decisions. The incorporation of justice in this process is equally essential it entails that all parties allowed to give their views before decision are made concerning a given matter. Some theories state that restorative and distributive justice might not be met but for as long as there is a fair and justice procedure, there is always the possibility of having outcomes that are equitable (Jason &Tyler, 2003). The police department in America is one unit that procedural justice needs to apply. Many cases land in court after passing through the police, unless justice prevails at the police level, a good number of the cases end up to have baseless arguments in court. It is for this reason that the law and the courts in the United States insist that the police must observe procedural justice. Having procedural justice result in creating police legitimacy among the citizens. If the citizens are treated with respect and dignity, they will increase their trust in the police and will respect and listen to orders from the police and together the police department will get …show more content…

In another circumstance, after the police had received the call, what would have happened is they would drive fast to Miss Rodriguez house in sirens. Upon reaching her home, they would have insisted on her showing them the suspect immediately. Failure to which she would have been linked with covering up for the suspects. Sometimes police decided to mishandle citizens with the goal of finding an offender through a law abiding citizens. Since Rodriquez is not able to show them where the suspects are the police could result in harassing her and maybe collecting money from her (Hawdon & Virginia,

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