Bizarrest Of Suspect Salseda Vs. Richard Guerrero

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INTRODUCTION: This incident involved the arrest of Suspect Darlene Marie Salseda for domestic battery. Salseda and Victim Emmanuel Richard Guerrero have been in a dating relationship for approximately one year and have not lived together during their relationship. INJURIES: Victim Guerrero sustained a half inch cut along the inner portion of his right middle finger. Suspect Salseda did not sustain any visible injuries or complain of any pain. EVIDENCE: • Officer Petrella #7035 took photos of the victim’s injury. • Suspect Salseda refused to take any photographs while in the field. • Audio recordings of Salseda’s and Guerrero’s statements. The photographs and audio recordings were uploaded into VeriPic INVESTIGATION: On 04-11-16 …show more content…

I saw that she was staggering from side to side as she walked to the patrol unit. Salseda was unable to walk steadily and she appeared as if she had difficulty maintaining her balance. Officer Gurrola advised me Salseda would not give a statement of the incident. I spoke with Victim Emmanuel Richard Guerrero, who told me the following information in summary: Guerrero stated he has been in a dating relationship with Salseda for approximately one year. They have never lived with one another and do not have children together. On 04-10-16, Guerrero and Salseda were drinking alcoholic beverages at the 35er Bar located at 12 E. Colorado Boulevard, NFD. Guerrero saw an ex-girlfriend inside of the bar and began talking with her. Salseda became verbally upset with Guerrero. Guerrero decided to leave the bar due to Salseda’s verbal …show more content…

Guerrero refused to give me any more details regarding the incident and didn’t want to “press charges” against Salseda. Officer Petrella took photos of Guerrero’s injured right finger (see attached photo). The photos were later uploaded into VeriPic. I returned to Officer Gurrola’s police unit where Suspect Salseda was being detained. Salseda told me nothing happened this evening with Guerrero. Salseda then stated that we were harassing her and did not know why she was being detained. I saw Salseda had blood on her lower left lip. Salseda did not appear to be bleeding from her mouth. I asked Salseda about the blood on her lip. Salseda replied, “What blood?” She then began licking the blood away from her lips. I believed the blood on Salseda’s lips was from Guerrero’s injured right finger. I attempted to take a photo of Salseda’s lower left lip. Salseda would not allow me to take the photo (see attached photos taken). While speaking with Salseda, I smelled a strong odor of an alcoholic beverage emanating from her breath as she spoke. I observed Salseda’s eyes were watery and bloodshot. I noticed Salseda’s speech was slurred as she

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