Case Report: Momentum Village Apartment 10106

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On Sunday 01/28/2018 at approximately 0146 I Officer A. Rodriguez #217 was dispatched to Momentum Village apartment #10106 (located at 7037 Islander Way Corpus Christi, Texas 78412 which is a part of Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi) about an individual that was in apartment 10106 D not a roommate or an invited guest. Upon arrival I activated body camera #3 and knock on the door. An individual by the name of Christopher Potter (student/resident/reporting party) answered the door stating that he heard noise coming from his roommate 's room which is out of town. Potter had called his roommate (later identified as Michael Westerdale (student/resident) via phone to check if it was him which Westerdale told him no and that no one was allowed in his room. Potter stated that there is an individual in …show more content…

Potter advised me that Westerdale wanted to talk to an Officer. I talk to Westerdale via phone (210-716-4955). Westerdale wanted to know what was happening. I advised him of the situation and that if he had any further questions that he can contact the Police Department any time at 361-825-4242. I had Brown lock up room D since the resident was out of town. I cleared and made my way to University Police Department (UPD). Where I was advised by Officer Ramirez that Acting LT. Flores #110 wants to issue a Citation ( see attachments) for Consumption of Alcohol by a Minor (A.B.C. 106.04) to Leasure. I issued Leasure the citation #5677 and explained to him what he had to do. Leasure signed the citation and a copy of it was given to Leasure. I then placed the fake DL in to evidence locker #4 at approximately 0550 and dropped the key in room #136 at approximately 0552. Item #1: One fake Arkansas DL with the Name of Carson Davis Leasure, DOB: 03/05/1995, address 40 Cedar St. Fayetteville, AR 72701, and DLN: 3512484514. I then cleared with nothing further to report. (-- removed HTML

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