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At approx 1:15 pm ON 8-29-16, I was sitting at my desk in my office with the door closed. I heard the raised voice of someone I didn 't recognize yelling repeatedly, "get your hands off me" and similar variations of the demand. I did not hear any other voices. I then opened the door and left my office to find Ofc Jaques searching a male black subject who was now found to be the source of the yelling. Ofc Jaques could be heard sternly but calmly giving orders for the subject to comply with his orders in order to be searched prior to being held in the nearby cell. Ofc Jaques gave him orders to stay calm and keep his hands on the back of his head, and subsequent orders as well. However, the subject continued to yell in protest despite me …show more content…

As I was speaking with him, Ofc Jaques was able to remove the subjects belt despite the subject actively moving his body in resistance to Ofc Jaques. Ofc Jaques repeatedly told the subject to remove his shoes but the subject continued to yell that he did not have to and continued to squirm back and forth and side to side. The subject then suddenly jerked his body away from the wall which solicited a response from Ofc Jaques. Ofc Jaques, a State Certified Defensive Tactics Instructor, then wrapped the subject and took him to the ground. Ofc Jaques was able to see to it that the subjects face and head did not hit the floor. I then grabbed both of the subjects feet in order for him not to kick or push with them. I removed both socks and shoes and the subject advised, "OK, I 'm good". Ofc Jaques and I then assisted him to his knees and he then sat outside of the cell for a few seconds. He claimed he needed a few seconds because he did not take his seizure medicine. Within seconds he got to his feet and then went into the cell and there was no more mention of seizures or medicine. He did say that he does not like Ofc Jaques and that Ofc Jaques is "done". He was secured in the cell until

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