Response To Opiates Analysis

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EMS Response to Opiates As I approached the scene I saw two Suffolk County police department sector cars on scene and a first responder. This was a summer evening, you could still feel the humidity lingering in the air. Over the radio, the cops relayed that CPR was in progress. I approached the house, entered using the side entrance. Before I even step foot in the door I could hear sobbing and the distress in a woman 's voice. I carried in the necessary equipment, the cops were actively doing CPR as the advanced life support provider (ALS) was looking for IV access. As EMS personnel we took over for the cops, we placed a LUCAS device on him, it 's a device that does compressions for you. Then, we continued ventilating the patient and placed him on a backboard in preparation to transport and move the patient. …show more content…

He was a known heroin user and was in and out of treatment. You were able to see the track marks in both of his arms. His skin was cyanotic, pale and clammy, along with pinpoint pupils. The ALS provider struggled to get an IV due to the long term drug abuse, so his veins were not adequate. Also, there wasn 't a clear report on when the patient was last seen at his baseline and responsive. So now that he was unable to get IV access, he had to obtain an intraosseous infusion (IO). Upon insertion of the IO, you could hear the drill perforate through the tibia. Through the access, Narcan was administered. The advance support provider then took over to establish an advanced airway. He was asking for certain equipment and I can remember feeling my adrenaline pump through my veins, it was really a mix of

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