Eliezer Pabon Case

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Per summons and complaint, plaintiff claims assault and false arrest. Plaintiff states that he was handcuffed, grabbed, and physically thrown through a plate glass window by defendant Sgt. Eliezer Pabon. Disposition of the criminal case is unknown at this time. Department records show that Emiliano Perez-Carrera, complaining victim, that he was punched in the face by plaintiff causing a bloody lip. Plaintiff attempted to run away after being apprehended. A CCRB complaint (CCRB # 201405284) was filed. Allegation against Sgt. Pabon for hit against inanimate object was substantiated. Arresting Officer was PO Joffre Cortez and supervisor approving was Sgt. Pabon. IAB case was for this incident was substantiated. Charges & specs are pending.

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