Supplemental Narrative: Gerald Mcneil

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Supplemental Narrative: On 09/24/15 at approximately 1350 hours, I, Officer Artaz along with Officer Reece responded to 311 Dodge Street apartment 7 to assist Deputy Sparks and Deputy Buffington with executing a felony warrant. The wanted person was identified as Gerald McNeil (DOB 03/26/82). Upon arrival, Officer Reece and I escorted Deputy Sparks to Gerald's apartment. Deputy Sparks knocked on the door and a short time later Gerald answered the door. Deputy Sparks asked Gerald to step out into the hallway, so they could talk. Gerald stepped into the hall and sat on the stairs by his apartment door. Deputy Sparks told Gerald that he had a valid felony warrant out of Garfield County. Gerald stated he didn't know where Garfield County …show more content…

Gerald and Jennifer continued to argue with Deputy Sparks and Officer Reece. At this time I stepped into the doorway of Gerald's apartment door. Gerald got up and tried to enter his apartment. I put my arm in front of him and told him that he wasn't going back into his apartment. Gerald pushed my arm out of his way and tried to go past me. At this time Gerald and I began to struggle, and I eventually got Gerald into a head lock. Gerald and I continued to argue, and he attempted to jerk away from me. I spun Gerald and we went to the ground. On the way to the ground I hit the wall across the hallway from the apartment door. Gerald and I continued to struggle as I attempted to get control of his arms. Gerald stated the he wanted to punch me. I told Gerald several times to roll over so he could be placed in handcuffs. Gerald tried to get up and I pushed him back down and told him to roll over. Gerald said, "What the fuck do you think I'm doing." I got up and backed away from Gerald so he could roll to his stomach. Gerald stood back up and took a defensive stance, by clinching his fists. Gerald was given several verbal commands, but did not follow any of

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