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On january 23rd , at o2r about 0325 hours at the location of 2817 Van Buren street #Apartment 4, ( crime location) which is located within the jurisdictional limits of the city of hollywood, within broward county and the state of florida the above named defendant did commit a battery upon the victim herein identified as ASA Curry. Brigett Kelly did intentionally touch/strike Curry coats against his will to wit; Biting Curry on his left breast and scratching him multiple times on his stomach. Brigett Kelly intentionally caused bodily harm to Asa curry. It should be noted that both Kelly and brigett share a children in common, due to having a past romantic relationship. On the above date and time i responded to the above location in reference …show more content…

He then heard a loud knock at his residence, at which point he open the door, and noticed it was his ex-girlfriend, brigett kelly, herien after reffered to as the arrestee. The victim advised that when open, the arrestee started to scream and yell due to not pick up his child early in the day. The victim stated that while the verbal altercation ensued, johniqua miller exited the bedroom due to all the commotion. The arrestee immediately noticed miller and became aggressive and proceeded to charge at miller. A physical altercation between miller and the arrestee ensued. The victim attempted to break it up, but this made the arrestee even more infuriated. The arrestee then took her aggression on the victim and proceeded to take a bite at the victim. The arrestee’s teeth made contact with the victims lower left breast, which resulted with a minor laceration. The victim attempted to push the arrestee away but she then started to scratch at the victims, the scratches made with the victims stomach. At that moment the victim, yelled at the arrestee that he would be calling the police. This resulted with the arrestee running out side and screaming at the victim, stating she would call the police as

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