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  • Homosexuality

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    Homosexuality can be defined as a sexual orientation and a sense of personal and social identity with or without alternative life style. For some western countries homosexual issues are the norms and are accepted in their lives but it is different with countries like Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore and others. The majority of them are from among those who are Muslims. Their views on homosexual issues are different in that they assume homosexual acts are totally wrong because they are strictly forbidden

  • Essay On Homosexuality

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    Introduction 1.1 Alternative Sexual Orientation (A.S.O.) Any Sexual Orientation which deviates from the conventional Heterosexual Sexual Orientation can be called as Alternative Sexual Orientation. 1.2 Basic Terms. • Homosexuality: A Sexual Orientation where an individual is exclusively attracted to the members of same sex. Often termed as Gay, the term ‘Gay’ is used for Homosexual Males whereas the term ‘Lesbian’ is used for Homosexual Females. • Heterosexuality: A Sexual Orientation where an

  • Homosexuality And Bisexuality

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    In this contemporary society, homosexuality and bisexuality have always been a bone of contention on an international scale. Homosexuality is a “sexual desire or behavior directed toward a person or people of one’s own sex”, whilst bisexuality is “person sexually responsive to either of sexes” (Defined by Dictionary.com). They are also being called LGBT, an abbreviation of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender. Those terms respectively distinguish homosexuals and bisexuals based on their gender:

  • Speech On Homosexuality

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    Homosexuality is one aspect where Babas, Maulanas and Priests are united. Baba Ramdev famously quoted “Homosexuality is a disease and can be cured by yoga”. It’s quite ironic taking into consideration how Hindu mythology time and again depicted Gods changing their sex. Shiva bathes in Yamuna to become a Gopi to take part in Raas-Leela. Krishna transformed into Mohini to marry Aravan (Son of Arjun) in Mahabharata to fulfil his last wish. Arjun became a Eunuch for a year due to a curse. Om Prakash

  • Homosexuality In Literature

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    Thus, there are children who become aware of their preferences through the process of growing up. Being convinced that homosexuality is something wrong and condemned through the media, outside opinions and literature they read, these children are more likely to hide their sexual orientation from the society thinking there is something wrong with them. That surely can lead to

  • Homosexuality In Chicago

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    In the early 1970s, the Chicago Sun Times reportedly called the first gay pride parade “…just a bold but loosely organized stream of activist and drag queens who marched along the sidewalk …shouting and vamping for gay rights.” This statement reflected society’s view of homosexuals as "drag queens", a term traditionally used to imply a male who acts with exaggerated femininity. While “drag” is commonly associated with homosexual males, those who participate in drag actually vary in gender, class

  • Origin Of Homosexuality

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    Homosexuality is defined as the sexual relationships between members of the same biological sex. Typically, it stands for social relationships between men, while lesbianism stands for relationships between women (Collins Dictionary Of Sociology, 2006). Recognizing one’s sexual orientation is an integral process that can happen throughout the whole life (Floyd and Bakeman, 2013). Origin of homosexuality is always debated. Kahn (1995) thinks that homosexuality is affected by upbringing of one, while

  • Homosexuality In Singapore

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    Homosexuality is a polemic topic that people are either supporting it, or against it. As years go by, the term “marriage” has been evolving continuously in its meaning. The change in people’s attitude and mindset reconstructed the definition, allowing people to be more open-minded about basic human right – love. It is clear that even though same-sex marriage has gained a foothold across the world, Singapore still lags behind. Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong recently commented that Singapore is not

  • Homosexuality And Deviance

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    Homosexuality Homosexuality, liking the same sex, has existed throughout human history. In today’s society heterosexuality, liking the opposite sex, is considered the “norm”. On the other hand, homosexuality is considered deviant or unnatural. So why do some believe that homosexuality is deviant? Who decides what is considered deviant? Functionalists, conflict theorist, and interactionist all have different views and focus on different parts of society and its people. What is deviance? Deviance

  • Homosexuality In Japan

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    Homosexuality has a long history in Japan, of at least a thousand years. Yet it was only in more modern timew that lesbianism was more visible. Indeed, todays Japan mixes elements of the indigenous traditions with Western opinions about the sexual identity while at the same time being home to one of the most diverse and dynamic holebi-cultures in Asia. The Japanese world of entertainment has long supported or tolerated overt gay, transgender and transsexual amusement within the context of an enormous

  • Homosexuality In The Crucible

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    Welcome to the twenty-first century where fingers are ruthlessly pointed at individuals primarily for being different. This generation is no different from the generation of 1692 during the Salem Witch Trials. As human beings, people allow fear to take over and negatively impact their actions. Just as in The Crucible, people miraculously imprisoned and executed innocent citizens because of the fear that they were witches. Shirley Jackson explains how, “We have exactly the same thing to be afraid

  • Analytic Theory Of Homosexuality

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    complex; however, society often looks at it in a very simplistic way. For centuries homosexuality has been a taboo topic, especially because of the lack of information on it. Society has expressed that homosexuality was unnatural and in the mid-1900s the DSM categorized homosexuals as having a psychological condition. The DSM, an abbreviation for Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, regarding homosexuality, has attracted controversy and criticism over the years and people who belong to

  • Social Argument For Homosexuality

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    The social argument for homosexuality dates back to the ancient Greeks. Aristophanes, investigates homosexuality, as a desire by men to share a long-term fulfilment of the soul (Heffner, 2003). (Heffner, 2003) continued to state that Aristophanes believed that two souls are longing to be together, and the sexual desire alone is not strong enough to create homosexuality, but that the cultural environment allows or forbids the relationship to occur. According to (Heffner, 2003) the current debate is

  • The Pros And Cons Of Homosexuality

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    What is homosexuality? Homosexuality is a term designated to describe the tendency to direct sexual desire toward another of the same sex. (Merriam Webster Dictionary). Is homosexuality normal? One of the main arguments that oppose to homosexuality is the fact that it goes against biology itself, for the two genders emerge in order to increase the species’ chance of survival by increasing the biotic potential. The biotic potential the ability of a population of living species to increase under

  • Homosexuality And Ethics Essay

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    According to press conference (1997), lesbian and gay sex is considered as sexual misconduct in Buddhist point of view. In addition, oral, manual and anal sex with anyone includes homosexuals and heterosexuals are prohibited under Buddhism. Homosexuality is known as an improper act either it is a sexual contact between women or men (Christopher, 2004). Comprehensively, specialists have started investigating the significance of gay men 's social identification and its effect on well-being and how

  • Why Is Homosexuality Wrong

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    History Section #2 When looking at history, homosexuality extends back as far as records go. It is not something that simply “sprung up” as if it were a flower in a bare field in the last century or even the century before that. Homosexuality has been around since the beginning of recorded time. Cultures of the past took different views on homosexuality. Contrary to what some may believe, it was not seen as negative or something to be looked down upon by all previous civilizations. Along with this

  • Homosexuality In Healthcare Profession

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    relating to homosexuality exists, questioning and theorizing if homosexuality is simply a person’s life choice; or if a person is born homosexual due to genetics. Understanding sexuality in its entirety in a healthcare setting is very important to the healthcare provider to enable them to maintain their level of professionalism and to understand a person’s needs. The Author of this document will take a look at what sexuality is, what are the different theories on the causes of homosexuality, he will

  • The Role Of Homosexuality In The 1960s

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    homosexuals were limited by discrimination without federal protection, yet was unique in the way this liberation movement sought to bring homosexuality to the public attention as normal, not as a deviant or "sinful" way of life, and permitted homosexuals, as a group, to express their homosexuality openly as a form of protest. This liberation movement for homosexuality would arise near the end of the 1960s as a surprise

  • Argumentative Essay On Homosexuality

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    The issue of "homosexuality" seems to have divided the nation. While the matter is still under sub-judice, the debate over the draconian Section 377 continues in the public sphere. It is now no longer is a legal battle as the debate almost settled legally, but the moral argument continues. Ofcourse it is a vague topic as many advocate for it and a lot of people oppose. The fundamental question is whether anyone cares about the moral argument? Homosexuality is regarded as one of the possible expressions

  • Queer Theory And Homosexuality

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    The term “queer” in queer theory has some connection with the idea of that of homosexuality. The term queer is basically used as a slang for the term homosexual and other groups which are not considered by our so called cultural and sophisticated society as normal. This term is basically used as an umbrella term for the coalition of sexual identities which are considered to be marginalised in our educated and cultural society