Pt14205 Unit 5 Assignment

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On Wednesday 10-14-15 at approximately 1700 hours I Officer Hildebrand and Sgt. Hard were advised by dispatch that Debra Vanblaricom was at the station asking to talk to an officer. Debra wished to report an assault on her granddaughter.

We met with Debra in the Police Department to speak with her. Debra stated that she feared for her granddaughter 's safety. Devon ( Debra 's granddaughter) had called Debra saying that Levi Kirkgard had pushed her to the ground and laid on top of her. Angela Vanblaricom ( Devon 's mother) had to yell at Levi to get off of Devon. Debra stated that this had taken place around September 19th, 2015 but was not positive on the date.

Debra was upset that she could not go to see her granddaughter at any given time and that Angela’s ex only gets to spend weekends with them. Debra wants the parenting plan to go into effect so that way Jason Herning (Angela’s ex) can have more time with Devon. Debra asked us to go talk to Devon about what had occurred and also speak with Levi and Angela. Debra stated she wants the kids to be …show more content…

I asked Levi to tell his side of the story about what had occurred the night in question. Levi stated that he had been speaking to Devon about her behavior and what his expectations were of her in his house. Levi said she was being disrespectful and giving him a disrespectful look. Levi said that he grabbed her shoulders as she sat in her chair and tipped her back in her chair onto the ground softly. Levi said he did not push her to the ground but he carried her backwards to the ground. He stood over Devon telling her that she better stop the attitude and start listening to him. Levi stated he then picked her up, gave her a hug and was done with it. Levi stated he apologized to her for tipping her on to the ground and that everything is ok. I asked if we could speak with Devon and Angela and he stated I could go in the house and talk and that he would wait

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