Full House Show Character Analysis

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Single Moms and Sitcoms In Netflix’s new spin-off of Full House, Fuller House, the focus is on D.J. Tanner. D.J., from the original Full House show, is the oldest of three daughters raised by a single dad, Danny Tanner. This time around, she is a single mom and essentially is the Danny of the new show. D.J. has three sons and is newly widowed, worried to take on the role of single mother.
D.J. originally had the help of her father and previous characters from Full House; however, by the end of the pilot episode, they are all set to leave. D.J decides to refuse help from all of them, practicing for when she is actually alone but realizes how much pressure it all is. This leaves her crying from the mayhem of taking care of her three sons, feeling alone and wondering how she will …show more content…

For example, D.J. does have male friends that come by and give input to her sons. Steve, a character from Full House and D.J.’s ex boyfriend, shows up time and time again in the show to be the “father figure” of some sort to the kids. His character is used for both love interest and for male perspective. She also has other dates that are seen through out the entirety of season one and they are not necessarily there as father figures, but for D.J. herself.
Because of the previous acknowledgement, another change is the view of sexuality. While sitcoms previously encouraged single moms to find another man, it was mainly for the narrative of needing a male figure in the show that guides the kids and not for the woman herself. In Fuller House and in more modern sitcoms, it is seen as something a woman may want. Maybe she wants sex or love again, not just a father for her children but a lover for herself. Yes, it is seen as important to D.J. that her kids have a man in their lives but the show does make it so that it is also a priority for herself to find a man she

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