Modern Family Case Study

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Introduction In this case study, it analyse how the concept of family has changed in the past 20 years as it will be depicting modern family forms and past norms. It is important to look at how families have developed throughout the years up until the 21st century as we compare the two and elaborate on the difference and what makes it so significant. In this case study, it contrast and compare the television series Modern family which is a 21st century concept of family and The Simpsons which was adapted 27 years ago and how things have changed with family dynamics and what is the norm now which was not the norm years ago. Synopsis: Modern family (2009–) Modern family is a USA sitcom which portrays contemporary families and cultures. …show more content…

Family members may or may not be biologically related, share the same household, or be legally recognized” (Raney, 2015:6). In the series Modern family, it shows the dynamics of a 21st century family and how traditions and culture has evolved over the years. As opposed to “nuclear family” “No longer does the traditional family consist of two parents and two children; instead, more diverse and shifting family structures are becoming the norm. Many cultures that exist do not identify with the concept of immediate or extended family—all kin is family, by reaching outside the nuclear family structure” (Raney, 2015:6). The Simpsons depicts how family concepts are/were portrayed more than 20 years ago and shows the life and roles of a nuclear family. Diverse Gender …show more content…

In many societies and depending on their cultures, men and women are seen equally and may share the same roles in the household or even a stay at home father and the mother being the breadwinner. In modern family, Phil and Claire share the responsibilities with both working and both looking after the kids. The gay couple, Mitchell and Cameron who has an adopted daughter, together they learn what roles they should take on but not being gender specific when raising their daughter and the dynamics in the household. In many families today, dual earning families increased and not just the male who goes to work but females as well and follow their dreams like furthering their careers. “In the 21st century within households two pay-checks have become essential for most families to maintain even a modest standard of living in order to provide” (Walsh, 2012:11). Gender roles in the past decades When watching The Simpsons family interact, their family depict what a ‘nuclear family’ look like with the father being the breadwinner and the mother staying at home doing the cooking and looking after the kids. It sends a message of what a ‘traditional’ family look/ed like in the past. “Gender roles are the product of the interactions between individuals and their environments, and they give individuals cues about what sort of behaviour is believed to be appropriate

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