Okay For Now Character Analysis

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“Now that's how you drink a really cold coke.” (Okay for Now page 29) Many quotes from Lil Spicer, Doug's best friend, continue to inspire and teach many things to lots of people. This quote, from Okay for Now wrought by Gary Schmidt, represents that relationships can start at any time over many things. According to the book, many times relationships with people help Doug and many other characters. Some of the important relationships in Okay for Now between Lil and Doug, Doug and the Daugherty, and Mr. Ballard and Doug. Relationships, very important because friends help other people through rough times, encourage them to try new things, and for that person to believe in themselves.

There are many strong relationships in Okay for Now. One of the strongest relationships between two people is between Doug and Lil. The first time that Doug met Lil is when Doug first got to Marysville and he is just checking out the town and he saw Lil in front of the library. From that point on Doug always likes Lil and most of the time they hung out together. A time when Doug relies on Lil is when the police accuse Doug's brother of robbing a store and everyone stays away from Doug but Lil never accuses Doug of stealing …show more content…

Here is another one of those helpful characters, Mr. Ballard. Mr. Ballard is the boss of Ballard Paper Mill in Okay for Now and he is also one of Doug's close friends. The first time that Doug met Mr. Ballard is when Mr. Ballard came to Doug's house because Doug's dad is Mr. Ballads employee. One of the first times that Mr. Ballard helps Doug is in the Ballard Paper Mill family picnic. Mr. Ballard helps Doug by winning the events trivia contest. The contest is on baseball and Doug new almost every question. On another time that Mr. Ballard help Doug is when Doug’s Yankee jacket went missing and Mr. Ballard gave him a flight

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