Freak The Mighty Friendship Quotes

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Friendship “When you're up in life, you get to know who your friends are. When you're down in life, you get to know who your friends are.” -Anonymous This quote fits perfectly with the novel. First of all, in the novel Freak the MIghty, Max and Kevin demonstrate a strong friendship. Especially, when they were there for each other in the good times and the bad. For this reason a good friendship includes teamwork, trust, and having adventures. First of all, why does trust help make an enduring friendship? One way trust helps make an enduring friendship is when Max carries Kevin on his shoulders, when Max puts Kevin on they can get around faster. Kevin trusts Max to carry him around since he can’t, Max also trusts Kevin to give him directions to get around. A second way trust helps make an enduring friendship is when Kevin has a secret liberation for his new body. Kevin has told nobody but Max, also Kevin trusts that Max will not tell anybody about his secret. Lastly about how trust can make an enduring …show more content…

First of all adventure they had was with Tony.D. It starred Kevin talks back Tony, then when suddenly Tony threatens them and then chases them. Max escapes by having Freak on his shoulders and running into the pond and then getting away. Another adventure they had was when they got Loretta’s purse. They had to wake at 3AM so they wouldn’t get caught. They found her purse in the bottom of storm drain. The next day they return is and found out that Loretta had a connection with Max's’ dad, Killer Kane. The last adventure they had was with Killer Kane. Kane kidnapped Max because he wanted his son back. When they go to an abandoned building Kevin and the police find him, then when Kevin finds them he squirts Kanes’ eyes and Max gets away safely. The cops then arrest Killer Kane. For this reason they put him back into jail. Therefore, if you go on adventures then you will have a better

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