Summary Of Killings By Andre Dubus

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Plot Killings, written by Andre Dubus, is an example of a short story that closely follows Freytag’s pyramid. The story is largely focused on love, murder, and revenge. The exposition gives some background information on the Fowler family. This section explores the minds of Matt and Ruth Fowler as they try to cope with the death of their youngest son, Frank Fowler. In addition, Matt meets with his friend, Willis Trottier, and they discuss the murder of Matt’s son. It is also noted that Frank’s murderer, Richard Strout, posted bail and was free to roam the streets of Massachusetts. As a result, Matt and Ruth are faced with the constant possibility of running into Richard in the streets. Matt notes that Ruth had already seen him a few times since the incident. The narrator also gives details about Frank Fowler’s relationship with Mary Ann (Richard …show more content…

As Strout left the bar, Matt and Willis approached, aiming their guns. Matt demands for Strout to get in the front and drive to his home. As Matt gets into the back said, Willis heads back to his car to follow behind. As they drive through the motionless streets of Massachusetts, memories of Frank rush through Matt’s mind. After driving for a while, Richard tries to give reasons for his murdering of Frank Follower. Matt sternly tells Strout to be quiet and they continue to drive. As they reach Strout’s home, Matt follows closely behind and orders Strout to turn on the lights. The two go to Strout’s room and Matt tells him to pack his suitcase. As Strout questions the actions, Matt informs him that he will be jumping bail and moving somewhere else. After the bag is packed, Matt and Richard get back in the car to drive to New Hampshire. Next, Matt tells Richard to turn down a dirt road. During these events, Richard Strout continues to question the process while also attempting to justify his

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