Finny Quotes About Friendship

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Finny wore a pink shirt and used the Devon School tie as his belt to the traditional term tea for the Upper Middle class. Mrs. Patch-Withers noticed and Finny quickly came up with a convincing story to possibly get himself out of trouble. Gene thinks Finny will be busted and reacts by saying, “I could feel myself becoming unexpectedly excited at that” (Knowles 12). This quote shows the beginning of the envy Gene feels toward Finny. Gene is somewhat looking forward to the possibility of Finny getting in trouble for the first time. Gene is secretly jealous of the charm that Finny possesses, and he wants something to go wrong for Finny. Throughout the novel he shows a range of emotions toward Finny and this effects their friendship. He is dynamic, …show more content…

Shortly after, the boys were having a long distance call when Finny tells Gene, "Listen, pal, if I can't play sports, you're going to play them for me" (Knowles 48). The quote shows how Gene is becoming a part of Finny. Finny still wants to be in sports, so he uses his best pal to play for him. Both characters depend on each other to get through obstacles that are happening in their life. Finny is a round character because he shows a lot of emotion after the accident; the accident changes everything he thought he was. In result of the accident he faces many bumps in the road and he does not know how to properly handle them. Constantly, Finny was a confident charming person until the accident which makes him a dynamic character. The end of the book supports this because Finny is a completely different person before he dies than in the beginning of the book. One of the many things that changed in Finny's life was his friendship with Gene. This quote shows one of the many themes in this book, Friendship. Through all of the problems the boys have faced they still maintain a friendship. Friendship is a combination of things but it is always built on a foundation of trust, and wanting the best for one

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