What Is Responsibility In Peg Kehret's Stolen Children

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In Peg Kehret’s book Stolen Children the story starts when Amy forgets to walk and feed the neighbor’s dog and it has an accident. The neighbor asked Amy’s father if she had remembered come over. Amy’s father decided to talk to Amy but the talk soon turned into a fight, causing Amy’s dad to be late for work. That was the last time Amy saw her dad because he died in a car crash on his way. Amy felt like it was her fault and wanted to prove to her dad that she could be responsible and started taking a babysitting class. A few days after she graduated her teacher recommended her as a substitute nanny. This turns out to be the biggest test of responsibility she ever could have in her life since she gets kidnapped and has to take care of Kendra. The kidnappers take Kendra and Amy to a remote cabin in the woods to hide them while they make the ransomed videos. The cabin has no running water, electricity, or a place to sleep. The cabin was a few miles away from a convenience store. Yet Amy and Kendra have to eat cold soup and chips. …show more content…

Even when she was scared she tried not to show, Kendra the little girl that she is babysitting. Amy is also very smart, when the kidnappers were making the ransom videos she thought of ways to incorporate clues into them. These clues are the “sounds like” sign and a hint that was used in a school novel. This was my book report about Peg Kehret’s book Stolen Children. I really enjoyed reading this book and I think you would to. It is a book about persistence and loyalty. If you think you may like this book be sure to check out one of Peg Kehret’s other

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