Nick Dunne Character Analysis

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Nick Dunne:
Former journalist. After Nick lost his job in New York he moved with his wife to Missouri. Nick has always been the golden child of the family. He was the child that his parents expected until Nick’s mother gave birth to twins, Nick and his sister Margo. Since he was a teenager he has always worked for a living by mowing laws, dressing up as Huck Finn for tourists, wiped down tables at the mall, and many others. Nick has always been a mama’s boy and thinks of his mother to be the best person in the whole world. However Nick’s father had unpredictable behavior and anger issues. He moves to New York where he works for a magazine years later after meeting Amy he got laid off which causes him to be lazy, displeasing, and time consuming for Amy, Amy Elliott-Dunne:
A thirty-eight-year-old woman, inspiration to Amazing Amy, and she has a master in psychology. Amy used to work in magazines writing personality quizzes until she got laid off. She met Nick Dunne in a writers party in 2005, they didn’t speak after eight months later, during that time she got into a relationship with Tommy O’Hara which ended after she frames him for rape. During the layoffs Nick and Amy survived from Amy’s trust fund which was money from the book sales of Amazing Amy, but …show more content…

Amy their only child after having five miscarriages and two stillbirths, which they all named, Hope, because they have hope that their next pregnancy will be successful. Adding to their resume is being the authors of the popular series Amazing Amy, a fictional version of their daughter 's life. They have been writing those ever since Amy was a little child and they have continued even when Amy is in her thirties and unmarried. Then they write a new book called Amazing Amy and the Big Day where their golden child marries her childhood

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