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War Changes Molarity Tim O’Brien is both the author of the novel The things they carried, and one of the most important characters. Tim O’Brien narrator and some might say the protagonist. O’Brien seems to be really confused throughout the novel. He has some guilt that he tries to deal with over and over again throughout the novel, but when the war is over he uses his ability to tell stories to help him deal with his guilt and confusion. O’Brien might have been a character that abides the moral code but after entering the Vietnam war, morality never seemed to exist. In my essay I will be talking about how war re-defined morality, the conversation between good and evil, his coward-ness, his relationship with the soldiers, and finally his understanding of why the war started. War changes the definition morality. The soldiers used to …show more content…

He’s experienced what the their going through and he understands what they’re going through and tries to give them advise and guides them through the necessary essentials on how to survive. He built a good connection with a few other characters and he has helped them through hard times. Finally Obrien has little or no understanding of the war. When O'Brien eventually returns with his daughter to Vietnam in "Field Trip" and she asks why there was a war, O'Brien says it's because "some people wanted one thing, other people wanted another thing," and all he wanted was to stay alive. According to his answer he didn’t want the war to happen. In conclusion, O’Brien molarity has changed serval times because the war. His understanding of everything wants up. The war changed his definition of molarity, the relationship with the soldiers, the conversation between good and evil, and his little understanding of the reason behind the war all change his perspective of life. O’Brien author and narrator have found themselves helping others and caring about others more than

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