Shaun Callarman Character Analysis Essay

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Callarman provides a strong analysis in which I disagree on many aspects. He gives his own opinion in which Chris McCandless lives his life after he graduates and travels around the United States. He leaves everything and even burns his money because he wanted to live just how he is and enjoy what nature brought to him. His final destination was Alaska in which he wanted to go to get away from everything and that’s where he lived his last days of his life. I was saying I disagreed with Shaun Callarman because I believe he did have common sense and was a bright man. McCandless graduated from Emory University in May 1990, with a bachelor's degree, double majoring in history and anthropology saying he wasn’t just a high school graduate, but graduated …show more content…

Everyone makes mistakes, no one’s perfect, although he made mistakes he would try and find another way around it and try to survive on his own not relying on anybody. He made friends on his journey like the couple, the young girl, and also the old man. They helped McCandless go the right way and not the wrong way. The last mistake he made costed him his life by eating the wrong plant making him paralysed, nauseous, dizzy and much more. The biggest mistake of all was him leaving ending his life with hunger. I admire his courage and bravery from the start of his journey till the end, which was his death at the age of 24. He was always moving ahead and never turning back or regretting any moment of his life. He survived so long for not having the material stuff such as money. I don’t think any man is brave enough to do what McCandless did, especially the age he had. He had traveled from one side of the United States to the other in four months by himself using resources around and meeting new people. Although this was a very good argument of Shaun Callarman I disagree which his opinion because Chris McCandless was a amazing protagonist in Krakauer's story line. He reached the news and media for doing that adventure he did and recording his moments and days writing it down. He had accomplished his mission, which was leaving the city and society and just be in the wild with

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