Chris Mccandless Persuasive Analysis

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In the book “Into the Wild” by Jon Krakauer, Chris McCandless had many decisions to leave his old life behind and start over. Chris’ decision to leave was justified for the following reasons. When he suddenly disappeared, it made it easier for him to let go of his past and focus on what he wants to do in the future. McCandless could make all his own decisions, nobody had a chance to tell him that he could not leave and certainly did not allow anyone to find out where he was going. Finally he didn’t agree to social norms. Although some might argue that McCandless should have notified his parents that he was going to take this trip, however, if he would’ve told his family they would have gone out of their way to bring him back home. Furthermore Mccandless did tell his parents that he was going on this trip and didn’t find the need to tell them where he was going minute by minute. He was an adult and understood what the consequences were. Ever since Mccandless was a kid he was isolated, he felt that he didn’t belong in the world he lived in. However, going into the wilderness have him a sense of responsibility and total severance from his past. "To symbolize the total severance from his past life, he received another name," (Krakauer 23). “Alexander Supertramp” was his wild persona. Perhaps he got his last name Supertramp in light of the fact that he needed to be youthful, wild, and free. He may have needed that to symbolize his lifestyle and his state of mind. Being an

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