Into The Wild Argumentative Essay

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In life some feel the need to prove something to others. That they are better, stronger, or even more intelligent. Whatever the case may be people will go through extreme measures to prove themselves. But who do we really need to prove anything to? Is it our parents? Friends? Enemies? Or is it even ourselves? Chris McCandless, deceased adventurer from “Into the Wild”, underwent many obstacles that seems highly ridiculous. Certain physical and mental challenges that could have prevented, Chris decided to do defying the chance of death or severe injury. But the real misunderstanding is who was Chris proving his manhood too? Coming from a comfortable family whose parents make a wealthy income, Chris McCandless had everything handed to him. For instance, In the beginning of the book it talked about how Chris was an intelligent student who strove for perfection and when he didn’t achieve the grade he wanted he was very hard on himself. But his mom would talk to teacher and make sure Chris got the grade he thought he should have earned. Another example was when Billie and Walt McCandless offered to pay for Chris’s law school. Highly offended, Chris declines the offer. I believe Chris was searching for something and thought …show more content…

Some of these situations could have been prevented yet he decided to do some sort of an “trial and error”. Whether it was kayaking through the colorado river or surviving under extreme weather conditions, McCandless made it his responsibility to beat the odds. So what and who was he proving that he could live within nature and survive? Simply that he is in fit condition and got lucky and cheated death a few times is an understatement. Chris simply conveys to the audience that he is more than a delusional backpacker who is going with the flow. Chris exemplified that he didn’t need basic necessities to blossom into the person he wanted to

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