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Devotion. Devotion is one word that can take many forms. People can be devoted to many different things: friends, family, work, and past times. What does it mean to be devoted? Being devoted is defined as love, loyalty, or enthusiasm for a person, activity, or cause. In the book Devotion by Adam Makos, there are many different ways that the word devotion can be applied to what is occurring throughout the story Devotion is the love of Jesse between him and his family; Jesse’s passion for his education and becoming a pilot; and, finally the undeniable bond between all of the pilots of the Fighting 32 naval fighting unit. These three examples of devotion will be examined in more depth throughout the rest of the essay. This book is about the life …show more content…

One day as a teen working in the fields a pilot flew really low over the field and scared everyone besides Jesse. When they voiced their opinion on what happened Jesse said: “‘When I get my plane I’ll probably do the same thing to you!’… ‘If Negros can’t ride in aeroplanes, they sure ain’t gonna be flying one.’… He was PO’d and not because the farmhands were ignorant but because they just might be right”(Makos 28). This indelible memory inspired Jesse to continue on his journey to become the first African American US naval pilot. Jesse was so devoted to becoming a pilot that he knew he had to go to a better school than he attended already, and for sure had to get a higher education. Jesse was enrolled in an all African American school and was one of the top students in his class. As a result of this Jesse got a higher education and inevitably became an officer and the first African American US Naval …show more content…

This bond is shown in the following passage: "… my engine’s seizing up,’ Jesse said, ‘I’m going down.’…Tom needed to do something to help his friend, and fast. Jesse’s story couldn’t end like this (Makos 10). The preceding quote shows not only that Jesse and his wingman Tom are friends, but also that Tom wants to help his best friend out of a sticky situation and doesn’t want him to go through it alone. This act of friendship and selflessness show that Tom and Jesse devoted to helping each other throughout not only good times but also the bad and would risk their very lives to help each other. Their friendship was a rock, steadfast and solid.

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