Summary Of Bloods: Black Veterans Of The Vietnam War

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Bloods: Black Veterans of the Vietnam War The historical identity of the African American military experience is deeply rooted in the life and legacy of author Wallace Terry. His legacy has been immortalized in the scores of periodicals and columns he authored throughout his career. Well-read and well-traveled, he brought a balanced context to the field of journalism. To date, he is one of Black America’s greatest contributors to African American journalism. The climax of his career subsisted in the midst of national turmoil. During this time, African Americans were trying to define their Blackness and their humanity in a land where they were treated second class. Author Wallace Terry put in words the thoughts that spun through the minds of the African American community, …show more content…

His 24-month long mission gave him the opportunity to use his journalism and educational experiences to cover the important roles that African American soldiers were playing in the Vietnam War. The military’s goal in this assignment was to show the American people and potential African American soldiers that African American soldiers were now treated equally. There was a stigma regarding the maltreatment of African Americans in the military, and with the passing of the Civil Rights Bill of 1964, the image of the African American soldier began to quickly change. The new breed of African American soldiers no longer tolerated bigotry and hatred. African American soldiers began uniting to combat the injustices in America as well as within the military overseas. Specialist Charles Strong stated on page 65, “I’ll fight anyone here in America, but if they come and get me to send to some other country, I’m going to have my gun ready for them [too]” (Strong, pg. 65). They took pride in their courage to fight injustice anywhere. This climate of pride and empowerment led the soldiers to remit a name for this brotherhood. They named themselves

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