Themes In Forged By Fire

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The book “Forged by Fire” by Sharon M. Draper is a book with many themes and lessons we all can learn. One of the themes that this essay will talk about will be about loyalty. Loyalty is something that comes from inside of a person to have faith in someone. We are all loyal to someone, someone who’s special in our lives and plays a major role in our lives that drags us to support them no matter what. In this book, Gerald gets abused by his drunk father. He wants to get rid of him, but Monique, the mother is very loyal to Jordan and defends him. This makes Gerald’s life miserable, and the only thing that brings a smile to his face is his step-sister, Angel, whom he possessively cares for. Therefore, referring to some parts, and experience as a person, I can state that loyalty doesn’t always go both ways. Many people do not care if loyalty doesn’t return to them. They still continue being loyal. Monique, Gerald’s mother, never really cared if Jordan didn’t love her, or wasn’t loyal back when Gerald would scream at her for example. The evidence is on page 79 when Monique calls her children liars. She was being loyal to Jordan, and not even trying to listen and understand her own children about how they’ve been abused and are going through pain. Monique was just all about Jordan. Keeping that in mind, another significant evidence is when the author uses dialogue as a literary device to directly help readers understand Gerald’s problem in a couple of sentences. When on page 61,

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