Summary Of Choices By Susan Kerslake's The Veldt

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What is being loyal to someone, how can it be seen? Why is it that when one is betrayed, that is all that they think about night and day? The truth is loyalty cannot be seen but only felt between people who have faith within one another. As for betrayal, it can affect one so severely that it cannot leave their mind, especially if a loved one has caused it. In “Choices” by Susan Kerslake and “The Veldt” by Ray Bradbury, the authors suggest that a person can change based solely on their needs, and question their ability to stay loyal or betray. In “Choices” and “The Veldt” the comparison in what led to the betrayals is very similar, along with who betrayed the characters. In “Choices” Peggy, the main character, has a decision to make, and she ends up making one that is not in her best interest. Perhaps the wrong decision was made because “[She] only [has] a little while to make up her mind.” Similarly, in “The Veldt” the parents of George and Lydia, decided to raise their kids to grow up in a modern and technology based home because “Nothing is to good for [their] children.” Although Peggy and the parents were just thinking about the happiness of their loved ones, they did not think about how they would be affected by their decisions. Similarly, betrayal was caused to the characters because of decisions they had made beforehand and in a way those decisions led to betrayal. For example, although Ken got Peggy and himself into a car accident, it was not his fault because he did

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