Chaos Against Order In William Faulkner's Barn Burning

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Barn Burning: Chaos Against Order “Barn Burning” by William Faulkner is an enticing story that raises questions as well as understanding in the characters. Those portrayed in the story have tied morals and values that is inseparable from them. They each represent an attribute of emotion that very well can be seen from people in everyday life. The characters all reflect real life powers that manipulate and control them in a hexed manner. The focus is more towards Sarty Snopes, but very well appears to focus on his father as well. The story wastes no time in establishing and showing the reader the relationship between Sarty and his father. His father immediately makes the connection between his son and himself hostile and toxic to a certain extent. What is used to paint such a distasteful collaboration of these characters is very real, earthly methods of manipulation. Sarty’s father turns a good value, loyalty, and twists it using it in a disgusting way to benefit himself. Loyalty is what keeps relationships together, no matter what type it is. It keeps two people or an entire alliance of nations under an umbrella of honor and respect to work towards a common goal. Analyzing the story more and more, I noticed that …show more content…

People are neutral, empty and untainted for the most part. The surrounding world is a great influencer; people take up the behavior and information given to them and create the mold of themself. This is conquerable by those willing to defeat the pressures that surrounds them. There is no clear origin of each character, but each one does have factors that definitely shape who they are have carry out actions that are deeper than the surface. For instance, Abner causes multiple destructive instances in the story without really any other motive other than pure anger. This signals that there are underlying or preemptive events that caused this type of

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