Theme Of Loyalty In Montana 1948

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Genuinely, what is loyalty? One can’t even begin to interpret such a word. It’s one single seven letter word yet, it has a broad profound definition. As a matter of fact, typically one does not use loyalty until they are put to the test. Without a doubt, the test can be anything. Consider the following, staying a devoted fan to the patriots or staying allegiant to your best friend. When he gets down to the despicable core of tough times one can see who 's truly loyal. Justice works the same way. For instance, one can be responsible and be granted freedom or vise versa. In the novel, Montana 1948, Larry Watson reveals conflict between two necessary values loyalty and exemplified justice throughout. Watson explores multiple characters who struggle with being loyal and achieving hat is right, which tugs characters in different, even opposite, directions. The narrator, David is conflicted about whether or not he should tell on his uncle Frank. Granted, he had witnessed Frank walking out of his house in the middle of the day when he wasn 't reputed to be there. David, after all, knew Marie did not die from “natural causes” and she did not just die suddenly. Marie was healing and rejuvenating, but after uncle frank’s visit she was dead. Naturally, poor Davy loves Marie beaucoup and hates his Uncle Frank for what he did, but he cannot let go of the fact that Frank is family. "I wanted to know that what I was doing was right and that I wasn 't simply ratting on my uncle”(90).

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