Montana 1948 By Larry Watson

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Your supposed to love your family unconditionally. In some cases this Is not so. Montana 1948 is the unsettling story of David, a 12 year old boy who lives in bentrock a small town in Montana. Montana 1948 by Larry Watson is told through the eyes of David who faces the disturbance that his own family has brought upon him. David is only one of many who suffers through the difficulty of the events that have occurred that summer. The events of Montana 1948 demonstrate that the actions of others can affect you indirectly.

Wes loved his brother Frank but frank has made decisions that has put Wes in an extremely difficult situation that will leave his heart and mind in pain for a long time. "The reason, Wesley, the reason Marie didn’t want to be …show more content…

This scared Gail when she felt David and herself were threatened and in danger. "My mother had fired out the kitchen window but from a few paces back so that the buckshot had a chance to spread slightly and not only tear a ragged hole in the screen but to pull in the path of its explosion the kitchen curtain" (137). Gail was forced to fire the shotgun towards

Julien's men and was scared for David's and her safety. as a mother her top priorities are her children and her home. I know any mother would risk their life and is willing to go to prison to protect her family and most important their children. I'm sure Gail was terrified and knew she had to act fast or she could face some serious consequences.

Montana 1948 Demonstrates that the actions of others can affect you indirectly. Family is suppose the love each other and support one another in the most difficult times. In the case of the Hayden family these conditions don’t apply and because of their decisions they were torn apart. The are certainly one of many who can be affected by a member of their family but in the end they must choose the option that will only protect their

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