The Hunger Games Essay On Loyalty And Friendship

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Loyalty and Friendship Loyalty what does it mean? According to Webster's online dictionary loyalty means to form a strong alliance and to have a strong feeling of support. What about friendship? Friendship means to have a strong and mutual bonding relationship. In the book The Hunger Games,Peeta and Katniss had both friendship and loyalty towards each other. Katniss and Peeta showed loyalty and friendship to each other by: Peeta never abandoned Katniss, Katniss nursed Peeta back to health, and Katniss doesn’t know it but she is in love with Peeta. Katniss and Peeta went from people who just used to barely acknowledged each other, to not being able to live without each other. Throughout the book they start to become friends and realize many things they didn’t really know they would learn. In the beginning of the book Peeta tried to help Katniss in many ways. He told people that he was in love with her to help her get sponsors. Also, at the beginning of the games Peeta shook his head to Katniss telling her not to go the the supply area to try to save her from the blood bath. While the games went on Peeta had teamed up with career tribute. He had did this because he was trying to keep the career tributes away from Katniss. But when the career tributes did find Katniss he postponed them from killing Katniss. Peeta told Katniss to run when Cato was …show more content…

The announcement said that there may be two winners of the Hunger Games if they are from the same district. This urged Katniss to find Peeta, as she's walking she sees a blood trail.As she follows the blood trail she hears a weak voice saying “Don’t step on me”. It was Peeta, Katniss nursed him back to health. She washed his wounds and wrapped his leg up. Then she took him to a cave to keep him safe. Katniss fed, bathed and even kissed Peeta to make him healthy again. Katniss also risked her life to get Peeta medicine, this medicine healed

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