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The book “Forged by Fire” by Sharon M. Draper is a book with many themes and lessons we all can learn. One of the themes that this essay will talk about will be about loyalty. For one thing, loyalty is a strong feeling because it’s something that comes from inside of a person to have faith in someone. Also the fact that we’re all loyal to someone, someone who’s special in our lives and plays a major role in our lives that drags us to support them no matter what. In this book, Gerald gets abused by his drunk, ferocious father whom he absolutely abominates. As a matter of fact, Gerald wants to get rid of him, but Monique, the mother is very loyal to Jordan, and defends him. This makes Gerald’s life miserable, and the only thing that brings a …show more content…

On page 80, when Jordan was on trial, and the case was to start soon, Monique, “she went down to the hall to the bathroom six times in half an hour to check her make-up and hair.” Woah. This is significant because it shows how cautious Monique is about her looks, and tries to maintain it just for Jordan. She wants him to like her, and to be impressed by her even though in real, he doesn’t even care to look at her. Before going to the court, Gerald and Angel both suggest Monique to wear something “business looking”, but instead she wears a “bright red satin dress.” In all honesty, it’s was a pretty odd situation to wear a dress to court where the atmosphere is so strict! Specifically a bright red one? Well, Monique supported her act by saying “If that’s the last Jordan’s gonna see of me before you two lyin’ devils send him away, he’s gonna remember me lookin’ good!” This represents Monique’s desperation of getting into Jordan’s eyes, to grab his attention. When Jordan was back from jail after 6 whole years, Monique had gotten steak and apple pie for Jordan, and she “was not known for her cooking.” This is important because it shows that she’s being caring to Jordan by actually buying those food items when she hasn’t bothered to pay the rent many times, which has caused them to move houses a couple of times. Also, when Angel wanted to join the Dance team, which would cost them $50, …show more content…

For example, on page 152, Monique thinks that her children are dead in the fire. Monique would’ve realized how much they’ve done for her, If they actually were gone. Suddenly, she’d be all alone with Jordan dead as well, she would've realized what it was without Gerald cleaning up the dishes for her. Or Angel admiring and complimenting on her style. They had fed her when she was injury, it was her job to feed them, and take care of them. Their death, if it were to occur, she would've had a great moment of realization in her life. Most importantly, the fact that Monique realized the troubles that Jordan had caused in her family after all on page 155 because she had realized how he hurt her children. She realized how precious her kids were to her. Jordan caused the accident, therefore it was a threat to Monique. She couldn’t call anyone a liar this time. This event makes her realize how she didn’t give any bit of attention to her kids that came from her heart. However, Angel still hugs her, weeping. Angel and Gerald love Monique. They are now a complete

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