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Freak the Mighty “Your genetics load the gun. Your lifestyle pulls the trigger”, said by George A. Bray. This quote describes the situation of the main character Maxwell Kane; In Rodman Philbrick’s novel, Freak the Mighty, Maxwell’s story has an important message: the future one beholds is not necessarily determined by their genetics. The only thing that determines one's future is one’s self. As the novel opens, a new neighbor, Kevin, moves in next door and changes everything. Maxwell’s father, “Killer Kane”, is a very violent man who will manipulate others to get his way. Because of this, people fear that Maxwell will resemble his father in more ways than just his looks. Being told that Maxwell might become an “Accident of Nature ''(135) like …show more content…

Maxwell and Kevin are in the down under (Maxwell’s bedroom) when they both hear the sound of a worried woman calling out for Kevin, It’s The Fair Gwen Kevin says. Gwen is looking around for Kevin when “She catches sight of [Maxwell] coming up out of the down under and it’s like somebody shot her. Like she’s scared out of her mind” (20). Kevin shortly follows Maxwell, allowing Gwen to quickly put him into the red wagon and walk away in a hurry. Later in the novel Grim reassures Maxwell that “all [Maxwell] got from [his father] was [his] looks and [his] size. You’ve got your mothers heart…” (139). When Grim says these words, he proves to everyone that one’s looks do not determine how one …show more content…

When Maxwell was being kidnaped by his own father, he didn’t bother screaming for Grim and Gram to help him in fear of his father hurting them “...I don’t know whether or not Grim ever bought that gun he mentioned…Gram’s bad dream about Grim getting shot with his own gun seems pretty real right now, and I don’t want to be the one to make it come true”(100,101). Maxwell was willing to put his own life on the line for the safety of his grandparents. Later that night when Maxwell’s father brought him into the old lady's house, instead of being worried about what might happen to him or how to escape Maxwell worries about the old lady's cats “Maybe she took them with her, to visit her sister. Or maybe Iggy let them out and they can’t get back in”(109). Maxwell decides to put others before him even if he has problems of his

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