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Paul Fisher is a boy whose eyes are covered by goggles for Paul's supposedly bad eye sight by the solar eclipse. Paul’s brother, Erik, is part of this story and Paul knows it. I believe there is a bigger secret about Paul’s eyesight and how he lost it. Erik has a lot to do about Paul’s confidence and His choices affect Paul because Erik and his “friends” were a bad influence to Paul and his friends.

Erik makes his choice of “friends”. In the book Tangerine, Erik always has a “friend” wherever they moved to and that “friend” would always be rotten and terrible to Paul because one of Erik’s “friends” was the cause of Paul losing his eyesight. In this story there was a flashback that Paul had, “I turned around and saw Vincent Castor. He was holding a can of spray paint. Then i felt Erik grab me from behind....... Erik’s finger prying my eyelids open while Vincent Castor sprayed white paint into them”(263-264). Erik’s …show more content…

On how he acts, who his friends are, and his confidence. Erik personality and behavior takes down Paul’s confidence and that shown in the book Tangerine very well. So well, that we have to talk about Paul’s confidence. Paul’s confidence was terrible in the beginning of the book. He was a wimpy, troubled, and Anxious little boy. He wouldn’t tell his parents that Erik was a bully. After a while in the book Paul’s confidence had grown to enrage, determined, and a little bit Fearless. He had new friends at school and his confidence grows when he stands up for Theresa when Joey gives attitude about Theresa walking him around.At the end of the book Paul’s confidence changes dramatically. Paul went from a wimpy, Troubled and Anxious little boy to a Brilliant, Cool, and Fearless boy. Paul changed seriously that he finally told the police what happened to Luis and that Arthur and Erik were the cause of it. Paul’s went from scared and afraid of Erik to standing up to Erik,his “Goons”, and His terrible and Violent

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