Friendship In Freak The Mighty

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Friendship “A best friend is someone who you can talk to, who won’t judge you, loves you for you, and most of all, makes you feel like you are worth something.” Even though this is written by an anonymous person, it is still extremely empowering. During the novel Freak the Mighty, Max and Kevin demonstrated a strong friendship. In fact, when they accepted each other without judgment and made each other feel like they belonged, their friendship grows. Friendship is important because having a good friend can get you through rough and frustrating times. Many people agree that trust is needed in a strong, working friendship. In Freak the Mighty, after the firework show on the Fourth of July, Max and Kevin are bombarded by Tony D. and his gang. …show more content…

At the end of the summer in Freak the Mighty, Freak and Max get to go back to school. Minus the fact that he has never been in one before, Max is put into all advanced classes so he can be with Freak. The reason they are put into classes together is because Freak helps Max write and learn vocabulary by making him look up words he doesn’t know in a dictionary. Freak also helps the teachers understand that Max does know the answers but, he just doesn't like to speak in front of the class. Both in school and out, Max helps Freak with mobility by carrying Freak on his shoulders. Max then depends on Freak to tell him where to go, and just focuses on the ground. When Max’s father showed up in the middle of the night to “take Max with him”, Freak does the brave thing of helping the police look for his best friend. As the police find Max and his father, Killer Kane, Kevin stands up tall and sprays Kenny with a concoction that burns when it touches Killer Kane’s eyes. After the struggle is over Kenny Kane is arrested and is sent to jail for the murder of Annie Kane, attempted murder of Loretta Lee, and attempted murder of Maxwell Kane. Many friendships are formed by helping someone in need, like how Freak helped

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