Mutualistic Adventures: Mutualistic Friendship In 'The Mighty'

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The Mighty Essay
Max and Kevin have a mutualistic friendship because they both get something from each other.(A mutualistic friendship is when two people get something out of it)This book is about a two young kids that got their lives changed for a long time. I’m about to tell how Kevin changed Max's life for a long time. They both don’t have friends and when Kevin came to the town and he was neighbors with Max. That's how it all started.Well Max got a tutor and it was Kevin. Kevin helped Max read at the school to help Max read because needs the help and Kevin a lot doing things to help Max out. They are both having fun with each other at the same time because they never really had friends before they met each other when Kevin tutored Max with his reading.Kevin makes things that help Max by making him like it Max’s is in the book.This is helping Max read because he is getting better because he wants to know what’s happening so Max is …show more content…

Max help Kevin out a lot because when they were in the street way but Max learned to stand up for himself and Kevin because he started to care about him and himself as well. He started to protect his friends and not be afraid of anyone. Just started to care about people and Kevin kept going on.Max would do anything for Kevin because he knew that Kevin had a problem like in the lunchroom when Kevin started choking and Max saved Kevin's life. It just shows how much Max cares about Kevin as a friend to him and not just a person but like a brother. This is a big thing for Max because he is changing a big way and becoming a

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